Building a No Code MVP

The Ultimate Guide to Winning a Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a weekend competition where teams build a business in 54 hours. Having won and mentored at 10+ startup weekends we see the same mistakes over and over. What we want to see is every single team at a startup weekend leaving with dollars in the bank account and a solid base to start a business. We have used this method for the last few years, and it still works. We really want to help every team build the best business they can over the weekend.

We wrote a huge guide to help that we called the Ultimate Guide to winning startup weekend, so check that out.


In our opinion there are four key areas to keep in mind if you want to give your self the best chance at winning Startup Weekend.

  1. How will you be judged on Sunday
  2. How to manage your time over the weekend
  3. Building your prototype
  4. Rapid sales and marketing channels

To help you with this we have put together two videos, and one huge medium post which is essentially our blueprint for startup weekend, and frankly any weekend hustle you might want to do.

Below we have started to put together a Startup Weekend Kit that includes:

  1. Slide template from Lisa Engine, and Car Values Co
  2. Presentation from Startup Weekend Brisbane (18 November 2017)
  3. One page timeline for startup weekend
  4. Customer Persona map
  5. Ad template to write your ads
  6. UTM Code generator to track your leads

I suggest that you fill that in, as it will give you a head start over teams.

Read the Guide to winning

The article is  on medium at the Ultimate Guide to winning startup weekend

Watch the video

And the video have been inserted below, but you can subscribe at Code Without Code