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Thank you so much for coming along to the workshop. During the workshop I probably mentioned a few things that you want to find out more about.  The best thing to do is follow the link below, and you will get emailed everything. 

Below that there is a bit more information about the courses, the guides but fil go to the link below and get it all. If there is anything missing, or you want to ask me something. Please reach out using one of the methods below.

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The Ultimate Guide to Winning Startup Weekend

One of the best ways to practice building a startup is by attending a startup weekend. It gives you a chance to do the entire startup life cycle in 54 hours. From finding a problem, talking to customers, creating an MVP, getting paying customers and then pitching it to judges. 

We have won a few, so we put together a pretty extensive guide to help others.

Courses & Videos

Sometimes we run out of time during these sessions, and I don’t have a chance to do a live build or go through an example. 
To make sure you get the most value out of the workshop, we have put together a few courses that are free if you click the link below.

Building KanyeText (or TrumpText) in 54 Minutes 

One way to jump into using Zapier is build something stupid, so see if you can duplicate Trump/Kanye Text for your own purpose. 

See the video that will step you through the entire process. 

Build an MVP in 24 Hours Without Any Code

Enroll in this course, and you will get access to all the slides, and then all the updates. It also means you can review it at your own pace.

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How to build a minimum viable product in 24 hours without any code

The ultimate course on how to build a startup without any code. It includes workflows, tools, and guides in how to create your own MVP without writing a single line of code. This is the online version of the workshop presented to over 1,200 people. Enroll now to get access to updates to no code tools.

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Schedule your meetings automatically

The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Automation

We all have those times when we go back and forth with meeting options, trying to find the perfect time. This guide will show you how to set up a tool to automate that process, but also how you can move someone through a contact form to eventually booking a time.

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Zapier – Dynamically change results using Custom Values

This course will present the most commonly asked question about Zapier, how to change an output based upon an input. For Example how to add a user to a specific list when they select an option in a form.

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