Thank you for listening to my presentation. During the session, I spoke about a few things that you might like to follow up.

I have tried to list them all below so you can dive deeper into any of the topics or areas that we spoke about.

But before you do that don’t be shy, follow or connect with me!

Guides & Resources

During the talk, you may have heard me mentioned Startup Weekends a few times. If you aren’t familiar with them it is a 54-hour business building competition.

The tools and the process we use to win one can actually be applied for just rapidly building a startup. So check the link – and scroll down to the heading “Rapid marketing & sales”

We also have a pack of information including the slides and a few other tools that we use if you fill in a Typeform (yes it’s a Zzapier workflow) 

Example Builds

Sometimes we run out of time and don’t have a chance to go through how you can actually use Zapier to link these off the shelf tools together.

I really think the best way to learn this is to see a demo- but we don’t always have that chance. So due to that, I have linked to two guides that will take you through how you can use it.

The first is a tool that generates a quote after someone fills in a Typeform and sends them a text message of the quote.

The second is how we built KanyeText (or TrumpText). It is a medium article but it will link you to the videos as well.

Recent Builds

As we build and create new guides we will share them below. Some will be useful others won’t. The best way will be to follow me on Medium

Getting Frequent flyer points for shopping online
- by christopher

All the major Australian airlines have their own frequent flyer programs that you can use to upgrade flights, get free flights and even buy things. You can get points by buying through their portal. But it is really hard to do.

This build shows how to prototype a chrome addon, to help you get the direct link.

Building Trump Text in an hour
- by christopher

A couple of years ago we built a website called, it let you send up to 100 Kanye West quotes to your friend via text messages from a random number. We have built a TrumpText, does the same thing for Donald Trump. This article has a walkthrough that shows you exactly what to do in less than an hour. Build your own version to send friends quotes, wake up messages, motivational quotes or anything.