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Introduction to MVP in 24 hours


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Welcome to the first video of the course. If you are looking to find out how you can build a product without needing to learn to code, this is the course for you.

My name is Chris, and I love using technology to solve problems, and turn them into a business. Over the last few years I have built and launched a number of startups without using any code such as:

  1. Two sided market places
  2. Tools to automate SMS’s
  3. A tool to help SME’s post relevant content on their social accounts
  4. An entire payment platform, including recurring payments
  5. A tool to help increase data transparency between two markets
  6. Automated entire sales processes for 5 figure sales
  7. Plus another 30+ solutions

This course is going to show you the tools and process I still use every day to do this and if you enroll now you will join the 1,200 others who have gone through this process with me.

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So if you know of someone who is ‘looking for a tech person’ before they build anything, send them this course. Please.

In this course you will:

Undertake a mindset shift from dreaming about the final solution to creating the best solution
✔ Learn what a minimum viable product is, and the process you must go through to create a no code MVP
✔ Become a no code ninja, and create solutions to problems faster and quicker than a developer

Profit by charging customers, and understanding their problems

By enrolling in this course you will get access to:

✔ The Prototype Stack  a list of the top 25 tools that I use over and over again to build no code MVP’s

✔ The No-Code Hierarchy which is the process I use to identify the best way to build an MVP
✔ Mobile App Prototyping tools proven to allow a no code maker to build their own mobile app
✔ Tool Library a guide of over 100 tools used for no code making

Updates enroll now and receive updates when new tools are added to the guide

Community access to the largest Zapier user community (1,500+ members) and access to the Code Without Code User Community

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