Zapier – Dynamically change results using Custom Values

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When creating a Zap, you may want to pull in a value from a prior step—for example, to assign a task to a different person depending on variables from the Trigger step. Some fields let you map this information, but you may run into a static dropdown that doesn’t allow it. That’s where custom values come in.

This course will show you how it works, and how you can do it with just one workflow. Not having to use multiple workflows and filters. and some use cases. 

Case 1: Online Store

You want to save people who make an order on your online store into a mailchimp account, but you want to segment them based upon the category of product – such as in group or merge field. 

Case 2

When a payment comes through stripe, or paypal you want to enroll them into a course. 

Case 3

A new lead through a facebook lead form, and you want to save them into your CRM and categorise them based upon the product (or ad) 

Here’s how it breaks down: