How to build a minimum viable product in 24 hours without any code

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Most founders think that there are two types of people, the ‘Ideas’ person and the “Maker’. The ideas person typically understands the customers problem, they know how to solve the problem but they say “I need to hire someone to build it” and this is reinforced through the advice they get, “who is your tech founder?” or “learn to code” “Find a tech founder”. I fundamentally disagree with this thinking, and believe that anyone can be a maker using off the shelf tools, and put together their very first version of a product. Their minimum viable product can be made using off the shelf tools, retrofitted or joined together without having to be a coder, developer or coder. And this is why I put this course together, to show you the process I go through to create an MVP without any code so you can go on and get paying customers, solve the solution for your customers and maybe even go on and raise capital Then eventually you fill find your tech co-founder.

The reason this is so important to me is because I started a tech startup, and I could not find a tech cofounder. I eventually contracted someone to build something for me but I spent all my money on that, not on getting customers and eventually the business failed. At that point I was determined never to make that mistake again so with my next opportunity I thought to my self “I can probably hack this together” and then found off the shelf tools and manually did the work, and I did this over and over and eventually started to find my toolkit, the 25 tools that I use over and over again. Since then I have probably created 100+ products for my self, friends, and for money. In fact some of them never got replaced – they scaled with the business and they never had to hire someone to build it out.

I then started running workshops for co-working spaces, accelerators and other startup community events, and have run this free workshop for more than 60 times to over 1,200 people showing the tools and process I use, and I thought it was about time I put it into an online course to share this approach beyond just the people who I can see face to face.

So if you know of someone who is ‘looking for a tech person’ before they build anything, send them this course. Please.

In this course you will:

Undertake a mindset shift from dreaming about the final solution to creating the best solution
✔ Learn what a minimum viable product is, and the process you must go through to create a no code MVP
✔ Become a no code ninja, and create solutions to problems faster and quicker than a developer

Profit by charging customers, and understanding their problems

By enrolling in this course you will get access to:

✔ The Prototype Stack  a list of the top 25 tools that I use over and over again to build no code MVP’s

✔ The No-Code Hierarchy which is the process I use to identify the best way to build an MVP
✔ Mobile App Prototyping tools proven to allow a no code maker to build their own mobile app
✔ Tool Library a guide of over 100 tools used for no code making

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