You Do Not Need A Tech Cofounder

A lot of people think that the only way to build a startup is by finding a tech co-founder. But this is no longer the case a ‘business’ person can be the one to sign up customers, and build the first version of the product.

This course will show you the approach to no code building, types of actions that you need to replicate for each build, as well as the tools that you can use.

Not only that but you will get access to working examples of no code builds with step by step guides on how to replicate them for your own purpose.

This course will turn you into a no code builder, and you will not have to rely on a tech person to build your vision.

Who Can Do This?

We're seeing a wave of powerful "no code' tools enter the market.

I'm speaking with 3 startups - focused on voice, mobile and web app creation - that are raising.

The time and cost to build software product will drop by another 10x... as creating things on the internet becomes more accessible, more people will become makers.

It's no longer limited to the <1% of the engineers that can code resulting in an explosion of ideas from all kinds of people.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt

How Does it Work?

Pick Your
No Code Tools

The first step is to identify if there are tools that you can retrofit to complete your build. Every week new tools are being made which do more and more without code. We consider these range of tools to be  “full stack’ which means they do everything you need in one place. Other tools will require linking them to other apps to do all the functions and this can be done through either the marketplace or through a tool like Zapier. 

Develop Your
Game Plan

After building 100’s of prototypes without code we started to see common traits in the actions that we needed to do.  We first needed a way to collect details, then a way to save those details, and then another way to send an output. All of these needed to be linked together and we started to find tools that could do one, two or more of these actions. 

Build Your
No Code Tool

We looked through all the tools that were available that required no coding and we started to categories them across the different approach and different actions. We came up with the Prototype Stack that list our top 25 tools, and 25 tools that you can retrofit. 

All You Need For A No Code Build

Run Your MVP

Go from problem to solution very quickly and work out the fastest path to find out if customer want your solution. If not, you can quickly pivot to another solution for their problem by using our No Code Framework. ​

Build Without Code

We will provide you and walk you through how you can use our No Code Framework to bring your idea to life. Go from idea to prototype in 24 hours, using tried and tested tools featured in our App Directory.

Tool & App Directory

Get access to the trusted tools and applications that helped us launch prototypes in 24 hours. Start building your MVP and launch fast with full stack tools and workflow templates for web and mobile apps.

Ready To Use Workflows

Don't know where to start? We've got a variety of workflow templates that you can customise to fire up your operations in no time. From sending reminders to processing payments, you can find and set up everything you need here.

New Tool Updates

As new tools and apps come online, we will continue to update our directory and templates to make sure you're using only the best tools for your no-code builds. Be a member to get exclusive access to No Code Courses.

Community Support

Join a community of no code builders who have automated their own businesses using off-the-shelf tools. Share tips, learn tricks, and build fully automated workflows with our Zapier User Community members.

What Our Students Say!

I attended the in person workshop, wrote down all the tools that were suggested and built a car wash platform in about 2 days!
Freya Sanz
The best part about this course was the framework, now when I think of an idea I go through the No Code Framework to work out how it could be build without any code.
Diana Burnwood
I wanted to create a phone app to help my works' delivery drivers. The course gave me all the tools and templates to do it.
Mark Ficher

How To Build
an MVP in 24 Hours Without
Any Code



Frequently Asked Questions

We are offering unlimited access to the course and its resources for a limited number of subscriptions. If you purchase now, you will get unlimited access to the MVP course for life before it switches to a monthly or yearly membership.

Each lesson features quizzes and guidelines that you can revisit or download anytime. 

The MVP course enrolment doesn’t come with a free consultation but you can definitely add a 1 hour session to help you gain clarity on the MVP you are building.

Yes, we will be adding more courses in Code Without Code. If you enroll to this course, you’ll get early access to the subsequent courses we will be launching. 

This course will show you the tools, processes, apps that we have used to build startups in 24 hours. We required no code, no development all done with off the shelf tools. This course is going to show you those tools and examples of what we built for you to copy and duplicate. 

From Idea to Startup in 24 hours

Enroll in our course and get unlimited lifetime access to our MVP course, show you will always know the best tools to build your startup without any code.


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